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We Are The Mountain Republicans Club

We are a group of committed, on-fire Republicans who believe in and support conservative principles and politicians. 
We also support Making America Great Again!  Bring back manufacturing to the USA, secure our borders, find election integrity, uphold the first and second amendments, and put our children first.
We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting at 5:30 pm. 
The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park
26624 N. Turkey Creek Road
Marshdale/Evergreen 80439
Some food and drinks are provided (water, iced tea and a light snack). You may “brown bag” your food if you wish. Program starts at about 6:00 pm.
To attend, a donation of $10 is requested to help pay for the cost of renting the Barn.
Each meeting will have a special presentation or speaker(s) on subjects of interest to all voters. Info on the presentation or and/or speakers will be emailed out ~ 1 week before each meeting.
If you are attending, please RSVP by the Saturday before the monthly meeting to:

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We Honor These 4 Basic Principles of the Republican Party:

Protect Individual Rights

Protect Free Enterprise

Reduce the Size of Government

Fiscal Responsibility 


You are invited to join us!


Note from our MRC President:

We welcome you to our active, friendly, and involved Republicans Club in the foothills of the Rockies. We strive to inform and involve our members in the political process as well as educating ourselves on topics and issues pertinent to our families, our state and our country.

Many of our members support education reform by attending and speaking at Jefferson County School Board meetings. As 2024 is an important election year, we invite Republican candidates as well as speakers on ballot issues to our monthly meetings so our members are well informed. We encourage each other to become involved in the election process by volunteering at Jefferson County Elections and/or Republican headquarters, or on a campaign.

We want to grow our Club to help more people know how they can become involved to save our Republic. We warmly invite you and your friends to attend one of our meetings as a first step. Please contact any of our MRC officers with questions. We look forward to meeting you!


Rich Wyatt


  • We live in a country where it’s still worth the fight, and a country where your right to vote can make a difference and bring about change. Decisions made today will impact next generations for years to come. Vote! 

June 2022

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June 2022

June 2022


  • We support elected Republicans at all levels, from local to national, who have demonstrated their commitment to the protection of individual rights and responsibilities, free enterprise, limited government, fiscal responsibility and traditional family values;

  • We educate our membership and the public on these principles;

  • We support our US and state constitutions, our president, our military, our national, state and local law enforcement;

  • We support secure borders, the need to enforce our immigration laws and the rights and responsibilities of US citizenship;

  • We support secure, fair, and free elections. 

Eric Aadland

Eric Aadland

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